Spooky & Fun Halloween Jewelry

Today we have a guest post by Claire Thomas. Claire is a lean mean crafting machine. When she’s not whipping out everything from jewelry to repurposed furniture she is gardening with her daughter.

Three of the best things about Halloween include candy (duh), costumes (double duh) and an excuse to wear strange and / or creepy jewelry. I’ll show you some of my favorites I’ve seen around Etsy, and give you the creative option to make them yourself.

The Full Halloween Moon Necklace



This one will require just a few supplies. Bust out your jewelry making pliers (Wubbers makes the best set), black (half hard) wrapping wire with a chain to match it. You will also need any orange flat, circular bead. A yellow vintage button might work too. First, leave the wrapping wire uncut so as not to waste it.

Unwind about 20 inches of wire (use more for a bigger bead) and make a loop near the middle of your length of wire using round-nose pliers. Slide the chain in the loop, or use a jump ring later.

Take up the wire on one side of the loop and coil the wire around the base of the loop about four times. Take up the other side near the loop and thread it through your orange bead.  Make a couple of decorative loops around from the base of the bead up to the top.

Release this piece and do the same decorative looping with the other piece that is partially coiled around the loop. Once you have it wrapped how you like it, bring both end pieces of wire together at the back of the bead, and cut any excess wire.

Creepy Bat Necklace



This beautiful necklace can be recreated (although it might not be as sophisticated), if you can find a bat centerpiece to use. You can usually find some variety of decorative metal bats at craft stores, or even plastic ones at dollar stores. Get a black chain, needle-nose pliers and two jump rings.

Open the jump rings by holding one side with the pliers and the other side with your thumb (or another pair of pliers). Twist with the pliers to the side, but never open it up vertically. Put one side of the chain and one side of the bat through the jump ring and close it the way you opened it. Do the same thing to the other side and you have your new spooky necklace!

Glass Bead Choker

CandyCorn Necklace

© MeltyGlass

This next beauty might be a little harder to recreate yourself. MeltyGlass actually made this glass bead with real pumpkin at the center! Due to the fact that blowing glass is awesome, yet difficult (it’s way out of my jewelry making repertoire), I suggest you buy a cool orange bead at an art show or craft store.

Using gold wire for a magical look, make a loop similar to what was described in the full moon tutorial, but this time there is no need to do it in the middle of your wire. Firmly wrap the wire around the bead three or four times in different paths. Cut excess wire and thread a black ribbon through the loop.

Let the spirit of the holiday guide you, and you will be surprised how fun and easy handmade jewelry can be. The wire wrapping does take some practice, but you will not be disappointed once you get the hang of it. Hallo – wean yourself off making the same old boring jewelry and get spooky with it!

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