Some Random Stuff I Made out of Scraps

IMG_1077 Hello there everyone, I hope you are well. Tonight I was cleaning out some folders and I found a couple of little projects I did around Halloween. I thought I had lost the pictures but since they’re here, I’ll tell you about the projects!

IMG_1078 IMG_1079 First we have a little ghost I made from a scrap left over from the Jack Skellington project. He was mostly complete when I started. I just added a little paint and a stake and we had another little ghost for the haunt.IMG_1090 IMG_1112 Next we have a little pumpkin decoration I made from another scrap. Scrap wood is awesome because very often there are objects that make themselves known by the shape of the scrap. I knew this guy was going to be a pumpkin as soon as I picked him up off the ground.IMG_1114Finally we have a roughly-made wooden knife. I was helping a friend make Elven swords for his kid’s Legolas costume and wanted to make sure I could do the edge correctly. Made a cool slasher knife for a costume anyway.

And that’s it. Just remember to keep your scraps. Sometimes the stuff you make out of the scrap is just as cool as the original project.

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