Wednesday Weirdness Returns!!!


And we are back my good and faithful Minions. If some of you had lost faith that old Scarydad was going to pull it together, you were pretty close to correct. It’s been one hell of a busy-ass year. But listening to me gripe about stuff is not why you came to my little cabin in the woods, now, is it? Here I present you with your long awaited midweek Weirdness. Stay tuned for some news and updates as well as some freshly-minted movie reviews. But all that is still to come. For now, enjoy the strange…

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Wednesday Weirdness

Weirdness1-6-15 (16)

Well, I’m back. I think. I don’t know. So many of the posts these days are few and far between and either begin or end with an apology and explanation for why I post so infrequently lately. Kids. It’s ultimately kids. They are little flat-toothed time vampires, no lie. Am I back for good? No telling. Will I post tomorrow or next week? I can’t tell you. But you should stay tuned anyway. Listen for a communication. Listen to the static and try to make out what the voices are trying to say. It’s an interesting hobby. Continue reading