It’s Always On and Always Watching



This is going to be some real talk about some real-life horror we all live with.

My first video game console was a hand-me-down Atari 2600, which was pawned off to me when my cousins heard about the NES. I had never played a video game in my life and my initial reaction was what you might expect:

“This is the future.”

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Unnatural Cravings: Top 5 Fictional Cannibals

Hello Minions.

Tonight we have a gruesome guest post by our friend London McGuire. Please welcome London to the Coven.

Unnatural Cravings: Top 5 Fictional Cannibals

           Looking for something to satiate your hunger for truly horrifying entertainment?  Need new characters to spice up your usual fare of axe-murderers and zombies?  From traditional horror to sci-fi and even musicals, these culinary criminals provide some of the most frightening (and disgusting) moments in television and movie history.  While there are many other fictional cannibals worthy of your attention, these five are the prime cuts based on their deliciously evil crimes, popularity and overall creepiness.

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I Want This.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

A little short tonight but all wanted nonetheless: The very first “I Want This” post was me talking about the Mezco Frankenstein Monster figure. Now they make a super cool Creature from the Black Lagoon Figure too. That’s badass.


I have seen a few individual Munsters figures before but yesterday I came across The Munsters Black and White Figure Set and decided it was cooler than any of the others and it belongs on my shelf. Now if they’d do the same with The Addams Family I’d be supremely happy.

scarydad.comI’ve always been partial to Gibson guitars but this Bela Lugosi “Tales From the Grave” Limited Edition Electric Guitar with Hardshell Coffin Case could convince me to switch to ESP. This is just gorgeous.