Item of the Week

Hello everyone. It’s now time for the item of the week. As always, each item featured here is either owned by, or has been used by, one of the Scarydads. This Dewalt Jigsaw is the same one I’ve used to make just about all of my Halloween decorations. It’s also one of my first tools, aquired nearly ten years ago when we moved into the original Castle Scarydad. In addition to many, many holiday projects, I’ve done a lot of home repair using this trusty gadget. In fact, I just now realized how long I’ve had this thing and how it still works as well as the day I got it. Wow.

If that isn’t enough to get you to click the link and buy one, I don’t know what will.




Hey there my good and faithful. I’m back!

I’ve been a bit busy with multiple projects of late so this one is a throwback. I made a bunch of stuff back around Christmas and thought I’d lost the sd card. Well, I found it so game on. Anyway, this is a wood-burnt Krampus plaque I made for my buddy Chris. Not sure who Krampus is? I say you should Google him an be amazed. This was part of a challenge to do the most awesome present you could possibly do for less than $2.

I won.

Custom Powered Pedal Board for Austin Hot Mods SXSW Exhibit

IMG_1290 Good evening Minions. I trust you’re up to no good. Tonight I present a collaborative project with my friend Chris from Austin Hot Mods: a custom powered pedal board for his South by Southwest exhibit.  Continue reading

Scarydad Project: Wonder Woman Shield



What happened was, a few months ago my daughter’s little friend across the street got some Ninja Turtle stuff for his birthday. Among other gear, he received two foam swords and some masks. When Spawn went over to play, she was handed a sword and a mask and told to get ready. Within a few seconds she was chasing him around the yard with his own sword. I was so proud! I decided then and there that she needed her own sword and shield set. One made of nice, high-quality materials; an heirloom piece, if you will, hand-carved by her Daddy.

Well, that idea lasted about 3 minutes. After Bride of Scarydad chased down our berserker warrior princess and made her apologize, it was decided that a pointed wooden stick was probably not the best toy to give a three-year-old.

I could think of no reason why she shouldn’t have a shield, though, and when it was decided that the theme of her birthday party was Wonder Woman, I suddenly had a project. Continue reading

Jack O’ Lantern in the box (Shelf-Size)

IMG_0143Hello there everyone. As I said in one of my previous posts, I’ve been hard at work on some new projects. Hopefully the paint dries on enough of the others that I can show you this week. In the meantime, I have a bit of news.

One of the first projects I did for the site was a Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired Jack o’ Lantern in-the-box. Since then I’ve had more than a few requests by folks who wanted the box but would rather just buy it outright rather than follow the tutorial. Unfortunately, the Jack in that project is about two feet tall and his box is made of 3/4″ plywood. He weighs more than ten pounds. I just couldn’t come up with a way to get that guy from my front door to yours for less than $200.

But the idea stuck with me a a few days ago I just thought what the hell. I acquired the materials and built a smaller, lighter, more shipping-friendly Jack. And here he is.

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Easy DIY Costumes


Source: FoundWalls

I’m Angela Johnson, a keen collector of craft supplies and belt buckles. I spend a lot of time tending to my huge organic garden, walking my dog and writing about my addiction to crafting for

Halloween is almost here! I can’t believe it! As my favorite holiday ever, I find myself at the height of my giddy excitement as we get nearer to All Hallows’ Eve. I like to go all out with decorations, parties and costumes. Here are a few simple tips for even the most craft-challenged of observers. Continue reading

Scarydad Rant

I need a hug.

My Nightmare Before Christmas project is giving me pains tonight. Literal pains in which my hand hurts from pinching it in a folding saw horse. But the pinching is not the problem. Crappy plywood is the problem.

Plywood is not cheap. Or rather, it’s not inexpensive. The last couple sheets I got, despite costing the same as it ever does, are damn cheap. It’s brittle and knotty and has a tendency to split or crack for no good reason. So, basically I’ve been working my tail off the past two evenings with the result of having a bunch of useless wood scraps and a half-ass looking Jack with no arm, hand, bow tie, or coattails.

I’m going to have to get a whole ‘nother piece of plywood and start over tomorrow afternoon. Which sucks because I had hoped to be done with that phase by now.

This is why I always suggest you start early on your projects. You never know when the hand you’ve been working on for an hour will decide to split off and shatter on the ground for no apparent reason.

Live and learn.

Nightmare Before Christmas Yard Decoration Project Part 1: Sally


Happy Labor Day everyone. Recently I spoke of a ginormous project I had undertaken and how it was taking up more time than expected. What it will eventually be is several large plywood cutouts of various characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, rather than wait however long it’s going to take until this project is complete, I’m just going to show you each character as I complete it. The first of these is Sally the rag doll.

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Interview: Chris from Austin Hot Mods

Hello there my good and faithful Minions! I hope all is well.

Today we are going to do something just a little different. As some of you know I spent many a magical night on stage as a founding member of the costumed super group Thunderpants here in Houston. Although I no longer play out anymore, I still enjoy a good jam session from time to time.

Scarecrow Pic

Well, a friend of mine recently started a side business modifying foot pedals for guitar players at an affordable price. And though his interests are not exactly horror-themed, he is a fellow maker and I think what he’s doing is really cool. So over the weekend I sat down with Chris from Austin Hot Mods to see what this whole thing is about.

And with that, please welcome Chris from Austin Hot Mods.

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Great White Hot Rod (Part 1)

White Shark

A while back I began making little animal cars for Spawn. People seem to like them so I’ve decided to make a few and post them on Etsy for sale. They’re not ready yet but I will certainly tell you when you can buy one. In the meantime I thought you might be interested to see what goes into making a simple wooden toy.

I begin by creating a template. I sketch a few versions and go with my favorite. Then I make a couple copies in case something happens to the original, and cut him out.

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