Scary Movie Night: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil


Hello there all my good and happy Minions. I trust you’ve all been plotting some mischief lately. Good. Well, when it comes to movies, I’m not always first to the party. My cinematic jaunts are generally reserved for superheroes and my Netflix is so jammed up with kid stuff we had to create a separate profile to search for anything else.

Recently I was stricken by plague and had an afternoon to catch up on some god old scary movies. One of them was Tucker and Dale Versus Evil. Continue reading

X-Men: Days of Future Past


Hello there Minions, I hope all is well. I wanted to drop in tonight and let you know that I somehow managed to see X-Men over the weekend and it was pretty spectacular. I’ve discussed before how it’s a bit difficult to be a horror fan with a Bride and two offspring who cannot be exposed to it lest they tremble and weep. X-Men is not a horror movie, but it is full of costumes and neat stuff you could dress up for for Halloween, so it counts. Continue reading

Scarydad and Autodidact in the Attic review The Conjuring


Today I’m talking about The Conjuring with Victoria from Autodidact in the Attic. I really liked it. Victoria said, “Meh.”

In the first of what I hope will be many point/counterpoint reviews, we’re going to see who’s right. I’ll go first:


For my reviews, I typically don’t care about the writer or director or the pedigree of the film. I don’t really even care about the actors. For me there’s one question above all others: Is it scary?

Scary doesn’t need to be qualified, either. Scary is scary. Therefore, it’s all subjective. What scares me might not scare you. What’s generally the case, however, is that what scares everybody else does not scare me.

So, why was The Conjuring so scary?

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Things they do in movies that drive me nuts

You ever been watching a movie and everything is running along just fine until suddenly one of the characters is faced with an earth-shattering revelation about life, the universe, and everything, and then their reaction is just… wrong? 

Or, say your suspension of disbelief is firmly in place and your mind is happily wandering through a fantastical wonderland but then suddenly midi-chlorians?

There are limits to our ability to go along with a story. Strangely enough, those limits are pretty far out there when the writer properly sets up the rules for the universe he puts the characters into. I don’t need to believe in magic to enjoy the Harry Potter series. All I need to believe is that magic is legit in Harry’s world and everything’s fair game.

But when the writer screws up it really bugs me. Here are a few of the most common things they do in movies and TV shows that drive me nuts.

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Reel Scary: How The Conjuring Raises the Bar for American Horror



Good afternoon Minions!

Today we have another guest post from our good friend London McGuire! Enjoy!

After watching a great deal of horror movies over the years, my standards for a truly frightening film have been raised considerably. It becomes second nature to dismiss all of Hollywood’s attempts in the genre as meaningless reboots and blood-drenched farces. Perhaps that is why it seems impossible not to take notice of the few films which tell an original story worth hearing, that utilize the best elements of classic horror and are actually scary.

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Well, I guess the new Man of Steel movie was pretty good. Or so I’ve heard. Unfortunately I don’t get out to the movies very often these days. It’s something I doubt I’ll be able to remedy any time soon as I’m about to double up on my no time for movie watchingness. It’s a rough life.

Long before MoS came out the net was a flutter with discussions about Superman and how they were going to make him cool again. They had their gritty Batman, true, but Batman is just one guy to be taking on The Avengers (as a team and as individuals), the X-Men, and Spiderman.


Pictured: Marvel Studios

Just what was Warner going to do to make Supes compelling? I haven’t seen the movie so I’m not sure but from the looks of it, I guess they came up with “angsty.” And it’s a big hit and everyone seems happy with it all so I suppose that’s that.

Except it’s not that. What’s going to happen is that they’re going to have to find a way to keep him interesting now to keep the franchise going and to do that someone is going to have to get creative. And what’s the best way to develop a godlike character that’s completely invincible and has an incorruptible morality? Continue reading

Scarydad Review: This is the End

Okay, so I’m finding it difficult to write a review of This is the End. It’s not because of writer’s block or anything, it’s because there is so much fun and scary stuff going on that to tell you much about it might lead to spoilers and this is certainly a movie you don’t want to have spoiled.

Let’s try again…

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I Want This!

Hello Minions. I apologize for showing up late tonight. I’ve been in the middle of super secret important stuff and couldn’t break away. But, now here I am. Tonight we’re going to do something a little different.

We all know that Sandy Claws will be coming over soon to clog our chimneys with presents. And for some reason tonight I feel the Christmas spirit a little bit. The other night I began my wish list for this time of the year. As I was doing research for something else entirely, I stumbled upon this: The Addams Family – The Complete Series and I thought about how much I love that show and how I haven’t seen it in reruns lately so that it wold be a perfect gift for me!

And if I like it, your loved ones are bound to love it too because I have impeccable taste!

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