Wednesday Weirdness Returns!!!


And we are back my good and faithful Minions. If some of you had lost faith that old Scarydad was going to pull it together, you were pretty close to correct. It’s been one hell of a busy-ass year. But listening to me gripe about stuff is not why you came to my little cabin in the woods, now, is it? Here I present you with your long awaited midweek Weirdness. Stay tuned for some news and updates as well as some freshly-minted movie reviews. But all that is still to come. For now, enjoy the strange…

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Happy Birthday to


Hello there yon Minions. A happy Monday to you all. Tonight we celebrate the birthday of The Website.

A lot has happened this past 365 days. We had a baby, I had surgery on my knee (on Halloween no less!), I’ve been writing a book- a few pages every night, in fact. I’ve also been regularly writing for Dumb White Husband.¬†On the personal side, we’ve had events and adventures seemingly every weekend and when I have had a chance to get out into the lab, I have a list of things needing to be done that makes off-season Halloween prep a hard sell to the ever-patient Bride of Scarydad.

But that’s all about to change. The other day as we talked over a nice bloody steak, she mentioned that the year was already half-gone and what were my plans for Halloween because I hadn’t been talking about it much.

Well, I’ve been slowly buying parts and pieces to have plenty of raw materials for projects. I’ve bookmarked several really cool ideas on Pinterest and other places around the web and have some pretty nice projects in the works. Halloween is on a Friday this year so I plan to have an epic party as well. Spawn of Scarydad has been asking for Halloween since November 1, so that should be fun. I will have hopefully finished my book by then and will have freed up time for writing in my little piece of the internet more often than I am able to do now.

So, things are looking great. I’m busier than ever and have great plans for the second half of the year. Thanks for sticking around!


Some Random Stuff I Made out of Scraps

IMG_1077 Hello there everyone, I hope you are well. Tonight I was cleaning out some folders and I found a couple of little projects I did around Halloween. I thought I had lost the pictures but since they’re here, I’ll tell you about the projects!

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Best of Weirdness 2013


Weirdness (13)

Good evening everyone. There’s about 10 minutes left of 2013 so you have time to scroll through some of the best weirdness of the year. Take care and enjoy this evening’s festivities and I’ll see you all back here in January for a return to the abnormal.

Happy New Year!

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Wednesday Weirdness

PUBLISHED by Hello and hello there my friends. I apologize again for not writing more lately. Suffice it to say, I have my reasons and not all of them are very entertaining. Spawn and Sequel are doing well. They are keeping me so busy. As soon as one of them is content, the other decides to sing the song of her people. At the top of her lungs. Right next to the other one… who then decides to join the chorus. They harmonize well, though, so that’s good.

The good news is that tonight I got out into the laboratory to work on something. Haven’t done that in what seems like ages. The bad news is that it’s a present for someone so I can’t show it to you. We are falling into a rhythm, however, and I’m thinking I can get back to a semi-regular schedule within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this heavy dose of weirdness.

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Wednesday Weirdness

weird (4)


Hello my beloved Minions. I must say that I thought I’d be doing more writing than I am but I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. The leg has healed very well, thanks for asking. Just a couple of scars mark the spot.

So, yeah. This past couple weeks have been busy. Every time I sit down to write, something begins leaking out of someone around here and it’s old Scarydad to the rescue. I haven’t been in the shop, or at the keyboard at all. I hate to leave you all so neglected but we all knew what was coming.

Sequel and Spawn are doing very well, however, and Bride has recovered nicely. We are settling in for a bit of a whack-a-mole Christmas, because that’s what it feels like we’re doing most of the time. I assure you that I’m still around and that I have no plans to go anywhere. It’s just a profoundly busy time right about now.

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The Day After the Day After Halloween

HalloweenThis year we had heavy storms and a 100% chance of rain for Halloween. Thankfully the rain passed and everyone was able to enjoy Halloween the way they should. However, lots of stores ended up with extra stuff than they would have had the rains not come.

The day after Halloween, Walgreens sells all their leftover stuff for 50% off. Usually this is all it takes to get rid of most of it. This year, though, I ran into one that still had a full aisle of stuff at 75% off. Look at all the loot I acquired for right at $20!

They also had a lot of candy, but I ate most of it before I found my camera.