Reel Scary: How The Conjuring Raises the Bar for American Horror



Good afternoon Minions!

Today we have another guest post from our good friend London McGuire! Enjoy!

After watching a great deal of horror movies over the years, my standards for a truly frightening film have been raised considerably. It becomes second nature to dismiss all of Hollywood’s attempts in the genre as meaningless reboots and blood-drenched farces. Perhaps that is why it seems impossible not to take notice of the few films which tell an original story worth hearing, that utilize the best elements of classic horror and are actually scary.

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Interview with Heather Gleason: My Eclectic Mind

I’ve probably mentioned before that it’s really hot where I live. Halloween, outside of the regular fun it brings, also means that we can go outside and play again. It’s the harvest and the promise of holidays, cold air, wood smoke, and festivals. It’s not just a day or a month; it’s a feeling. Unfortunately, that feeling is seasonal and, for me anyway, gone all too quickly.

So, I spend my time looking for things that keep that feeling alive. I scour the internet looking for stuff that truly defines the meaning and the spirit of my favorite time of year. A while back I was doing some scouring and I came across an artist who captures both the meaning and the spirit perfectly. When I saw Heather Gleason’s art I immediately felt a cool northerly breeze and caught the scent of caramel and cinnamon and burning leaves…

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Guest Post: Matt’s Ghost Story

Tonight’s post comes to us from friend and fellow blogger Matt Cashdollar. Matt normally writes about mysterious and frightening things such as technology and automation. In the future when the machines rise up and kill us all, he’ll either be the leader of the resistance or the very reason it happened in the first place. Check out Matt’s blog here.

When I was a kid, my friends and I would go camping in the woods near my
house.  This was when I lived near the Appalachian mountains, in rural
Pennsylvania.  Nearby was “the strip mine” which was an old open pit coal
mine that had been flooded with water and turned into a series of small
ponds and a general garbage dumping area for the county.  We decided to go
camping just off the dirt road next to the strip mine.  Our road didn’t
have a name – it was just called Rural Delivery #1.  We were all poor,
redneck kids.

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I want this.

Big Bad Wolf

Hello there my beloved minions. Tonight we continue Scarydad’s Christmas wish list. Or Holiday wish list. Whatever. You are allowed to buy me things any day, any time and I won’t complain. Anyway, let’s get to it. The first thing to have caught my eye was this offering from Living Dead Dolls: The Big Bad Wolf. What I really like about it is that it’s subtle.

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Scarydad Project: Flying Yard Ghosts


Good evening my beloved. Tonight I will show you how to make floating ghosts for your yard haunt. These are very simple to make and have a very cool floating/flying effect when the wind blows. Here’s how to make them:

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Scarydad’s Haunted New Orleans Story

New Orleans

Many years ago, Bride of Scarydad surprised me with an impromptu birthday trip to the Crescent City. It was the first time I had ever been, which is pathetic since I live less than 300 miles away. Ever the fan of things dark and mysterious, and even more so a fan of booze, food, and more booze and food, I couldn’t wait. Here is the story of what happened that time I got drunk in New Orleans.

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Summer Reading: The Graveyard Book


Summer is nearing its blessed end but you still have time for a couple more.

Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book is the story of Bod Owens, the little boy who lives in the cemetery. Bod is looked after by various ghosts and spirits who haunt the graveyard and protect him from the Jack, the man who killed his parents.

Although The Graveyard Book is intended for children, Gaiman’s storytelling deserves to be enjoyed by all. He is the Scarydad’s favorite author and so I am almost forced to command you to read all of his books. But definitely read this one. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it, but I’m pretty darn sure.

More videos to keep you from sleeping

I ran across this video tonight. I realize there’s a lot of Titanic retrospective stuff out lately with the centennial anniversary, but this one stood out and I was pleasantly surprised. Truly haunting.

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