Hey there my good and faithful. I’m back!

I’ve been a bit busy with multiple projects of late so this one is a throwback. I made a bunch of stuff back around Christmas and thought I’d lost the sd card. Well, I found it so game on. Anyway, this is a wood-burnt Krampus plaque I made for my buddy Chris. Not sure who Krampus is? I say you should Google him an be amazed. This was part of a challenge to do the most awesome present you could possibly do for less than $2.

I won.

Custom Powered Pedal Board for Austin Hot Mods SXSW Exhibit

IMG_1290 Good evening Minions. I trust you’re up to no good. Tonight I present a collaborative project with my friend Chris from Austin Hot Mods: a custom powered pedal board for his South by Southwest exhibit.  Continue reading

Vintage Clock for the Laboratory


Hello Minions. Man, let me tell you that these past few days have not been the best of times. First, someone hit my car and took off, then Sequel got shots and the subsequent grumpy face that goes along with that. Then Bride got sick, then the computer crashed, then Spawn and I got sick. Then it was Monday again. So, how was your week?

I did manage to get one good project done this week and am all the more happy I can share it with you. You see, a few months ago I acquired a vintage Stromberg school clock for free from a guy who was cleaning out his garage. It was a very old electric model.

It worked when I got it and I hung it proudly in the lab over the resurrection bench. It kept time well and I used to gleefully imagine all the poor children who watched that second hand go around so very slowly in endless days of monotony.

Well, then it broke. I’m not sure why, but it stopped working one day. The scary part was that it kept humming and sucking electricity without actually doing anything so I feared it was plotting a fiery something or other for me. I looked into getting it fixed but the one guy who fixes electric clocks in my city lives about an hour away from here in a rather ungood area of town. So I decided to take matter into my own hands.

Before anyone gets upset at the destruction of this piece, I assure you I looked into every avenue to ensure there was no collector or other value before I began my modifications. Three different clock places told me to just throw it away and buy one that was battery-operated.

I did one better…

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Some Random Stuff I Made out of Scraps

IMG_1077 Hello there everyone, I hope you are well. Tonight I was cleaning out some folders and I found a couple of little projects I did around Halloween. I thought I had lost the pictures but since they’re here, I’ll tell you about the projects!

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Best of Weirdness 2013


Weirdness (13)

Good evening everyone. There’s about 10 minutes left of 2013 so you have time to scroll through some of the best weirdness of the year. Take care and enjoy this evening’s festivities and I’ll see you all back here in January for a return to the abnormal.

Happy New Year!

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Spooky & Fun Halloween Jewelry

Today we have a guest post by Claire Thomas. Claire is a lean mean crafting machine. When she’s not whipping out everything from jewelry to repurposed furniture she is gardening with her daughter.

Three of the best things about Halloween include candy (duh), costumes (double duh) and an excuse to wear strange and / or creepy jewelry. I’ll show you some of my favorites I’ve seen around Etsy, and give you the creative option to make them yourself.

The Full Halloween Moon Necklace



This one will require just a few supplies. Bust out your jewelry making pliers (Wubbers makes the best set), black (half hard) wrapping wire with a chain to match it. You will also need any orange flat, circular bead. A yellow vintage button might work too. First, leave the wrapping wire uncut so as not to waste it. Continue reading

Easy DIY Costumes


Source: FoundWalls

I’m Angela Johnson, a keen collector of craft supplies and belt buckles. I spend a lot of time tending to my huge organic garden, walking my dog and writing about my addiction to crafting for

Halloween is almost here! I can’t believe it! As my favorite holiday ever, I find myself at the height of my giddy excitement as we get nearer to All Hallows’ Eve. I like to go all out with decorations, parties and costumes. Here are a few simple tips for even the most craft-challenged of observers. Continue reading