The Day After the Day After Halloween

HalloweenThis year we had heavy storms and a 100% chance of rain for Halloween. Thankfully the rain passed and everyone was able to enjoy Halloween the way they should. However, lots of stores ended up with extra stuff than they would have had the rains not come.

The day after Halloween, Walgreens sells all their leftover stuff for 50% off. Usually this is all it takes to get rid of most of it. This year, though, I ran into one that still had a full aisle of stuff at 75% off. Look at all the loot I acquired for right at $20!

They also had a lot of candy, but I ate most of it before I found my camera.



Cool Halloween Lanterns

pumpkin lanterns


By guest contributor David Collins

What springs to mind when you think of decorations for Halloween? Maybe you’re looking to decorate the front of your house to attract trick-or-treaters or spook up your lounge in preparation for a ghoulish Halloween-themed party?

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Nightmare Before Christmas Project Part 2: The Rest of it

Jack Skellington Good morning my beautiful Minions! Today we finish the Nightmare Before Christmas project we started a couple of weeks ago. As you know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Jack Skellington and his friends and I thought a Nightmare themed yard haunt was apropos.  Come with me as I show you how I made Jack, Sally, and Zero.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Yard Decoration Project Part 1: Sally


Happy Labor Day everyone. Recently I spoke of a ginormous project I had undertaken and how it was taking up more time than expected. What it will eventually be is several large plywood cutouts of various characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, rather than wait however long it’s going to take until this project is complete, I’m just going to show you each character as I complete it. The first of these is Sally the rag doll.

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Scarydad Project: Skeleton Jack

Skeleton Jack

Good afternoon faithful Minions. Today I show you how to make your own Skeleton Jack o’ Lantern. Please let me know what you think by adding a comment or sending a message to me at

Happy Haunting!

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