Hawkgirl Costume for Spawn


Little Spawn was down for a couple of days and while she was on the couch the two of us marathoned Justice League on Netflix. She got real into Hawkgirl and asked if I could make her a costume for Halloween. Well, we had Comicon coming up shortly too, so I got to work.

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Tips For Your First Time Cosplaying at a Movie Theater


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Good evening my friends! Today I am reminded that we don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress up in awesome costumes and have lots of fun. More and more people are dressing up for movie premieres and local events such as Zombie Walk. Tonight we have an article submitted by a friend of Scarydad giving some tips on how to maximize fun and avoid potential problems when you dress up for a night of fun. Enjoy!

Movie premieres are always fun nights to dress up and enthrall yourself in the fun celebration of our childhood (or adulthood) heroes on the big screen. With Iron Man out now along with many other awesome superhero movies later this year there will be many fun opportunities to cosplay at the movie theater. Dressing up as your favorite character can be fun but sometimes we can get carried away in our enthusiasm or get caught up in some wannabe-tough guys taunts. The important things to remember are that you are in a public place, going to a family show, and the point is to have fun. Here are some tips for cosplaying a character at a movie theater for the first time:

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