Nightmare Before Christmas Project Part 2: The Rest of it

Jack Skellington Good morning my beautiful Minions! Today we finish the Nightmare Before Christmas project we started a couple of weeks ago. As you know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Jack Skellington and his friends and I thought a Nightmare themed yard haunt was apropos.  Come with me as I show you how I made Jack, Sally, and Zero.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Yard Decoration Project Part 1: Sally


Happy Labor Day everyone. Recently I spoke of a ginormous project I had undertaken and how it was taking up more time than expected. What it will eventually be is several large plywood cutouts of various characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, rather than wait however long it’s going to take until this project is complete, I’m just going to show you each character as I complete it. The first of these is Sally the rag doll.

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Interview: Chris from Austin Hot Mods

Hello there my good and faithful Minions! I hope all is well.

Today we are going to do something just a little different. As some of you know I spent many a magical night on stage as a founding member of the costumed super group Thunderpants here in Houston. Although I no longer play out anymore, I still enjoy a good jam session from time to time.

Scarecrow Pic

Well, a friend of mine recently started a side business modifying foot pedals for guitar players at an affordable price. And though his interests are not exactly horror-themed, he is a fellow maker and I think what he’s doing is really cool. So over the weekend I sat down with Chris from Austin Hot Mods to see what this whole thing is about.

And with that, please welcome Chris from Austin Hot Mods.

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Great White Hot Rod (Part 2)

White Shark Hello there my good and faithful Minions. Tonight I shall finish telling you the story about how I make toys for all the good children of the world.

So, after a WHOLE lot of sanding, it’s time to drill the holes for the eyes and the axles.

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Great White Hot Rod (Part 1)

White Shark

A while back I began making little animal cars for Spawn. People seem to like them so I’ve decided to make a few and post them on Etsy for sale. They’re not ready yet but I will certainly tell you when you can buy one. In the meantime I thought you might be interested to see what goes into making a simple wooden toy.

I begin by creating a template. I sketch a few versions and go with my favorite. Then I make a couple copies in case something happens to the original, and cut him out.

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Make Realistic & Functional Hands for your Haunts!

scary hand

Good evening my beloved Minions! I trust you are well. I have returned from my vacation in the most haunted city in America to bring you a happy and refreshed Scarydad who is brimming with ideas and upcoming projects. We’re already past the halfway point to Halloween! Time to get back to work!!!

So tonight I’m going to show you how I make hands for my various creatures. The tutorial is a basic human hand but the technique can be used to make virtually any size hands for any type of monster, so let’s get creative…

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Lil’ Hot Rod


Just a quick post tonight but I wanted to tell you about something.

While we were waiting for the paint to dry on the fairy door, Spawn of Scarydad and I decided to make a little car. I cut out the body and the axles, she chose the paint colors. We both sanded and prepped the parts, and we both painted. Now, in the spirit of anonymity I cannot share these videos with you because unfortunately the little one was not wearing her mask. But I assure you she helped a lot.

It’s almost more rewarding to watch her play with a toy we made together than with one I made for her by myself.

Anyway, just thought you might like to know.

Scarydad Project: Fairy Door

IMG_3458 Hello there my friends. The other day I was thinking and it occurred to me that it’s been too long since I’ve created a portal to another dimension and it was about that time. So, I created a fairy door.

What is a fairy door, you ask?

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Scarydad Project: Texas Flag


Good evening my friends. As I told you the other day, Bride and I have been reworking the lawn situation over here at Fort Scarydad.

At a festival a few weeks back I saw something I liked that being sold for a price I didn’t like. So I naturally took a closer look to see if and how I could make one myself.

By the way, I live in Texas where luckily we have a cool flag. If you live in a non-cool flag-having state, you are free to find another project to do.

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Scarydad Essentials



Good evening once again my good and faithful Minions! I trust you are well. Tonight I will discuss a few items that are essential to the Scarydad supply list. There are definitely the obvious ones like hammers, saws, and a freezer full of skin. But if you don’t have those things already you might be just a little behind. No, these are some of the things that have proven completely indispensable over the years and have proven their worth by either running out, getting lost, or something so that I notice and terribly miss their presence, or worse, cause projects to remain incomplete until replacements arrive.

So, without further ado, the first Scarydad essentials list:

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