Scarydad Tribute: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Hello there my faithful Minions I trust your sleep was properly troubled?

We only have a few short days until Halloween and I know that some of you are in a scramble to choose the perfect costume for this glorious evening.

Well, Scarydad is here to help! Here is a costume idea that is both classic and modern. It can be played up or down, conservative or lusty… It’s up to you!

Note: When I began research for this post I intended only a few photos and a tutorial on costume making, but there were just too many great pictures I couldn’t pass up. And if you like this gallery, check out our tribute to Gotham City for some sexy Batgirls and Catwomen!


And now, to add instruction to your inspiration, here are two comprehensive tutorials on how to create your own WW costume without having to spend mega $$$ at the costume shop.

The big day approaches! Stay tuned for more costume, decoration, and haunting ideas from Scarydad. As always, if you like what you see, please ‘Like’ us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or subscribe for updates. Until tonight, my beloved…

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