Scarydad Review: Chatter (2015)


Recently I was approached by John over at Weird Review to pre-screen and review an upcoming independent horror movie. Of course I said yes and last night I sat and watched Chatter.

The premise is simple. David just moved into a new house in Los Angeles. His wife, Laura, is still in London. They use video chat to keep in touch. Meanwhile, they are being secretly monitored by a contractor for Homeland Security. The agent watches as David and Laura become aware of, and then terrorized by a supernatural entity that uses the computer technology to move among the people it encounters online.

I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect going into this. As I said, I was asked to screen, sent a link, and then was watching the movie before I had a chance to read a synopsis or anything, so, unlike most films, I went in blind. So how did it rate?

Pretty highly, actually. This movie was a lot of fun. It had the scares, it was eerie throughout and they did a good job of allowing the haunt to slowly gain traction. There’s no gore or really any violence at all, just good old fashioned, “Something’s not right here…” dread. I found it to be┬áreminiscent of the original Paranormal Activity, which is a movie I really enjoyed.

Of course, there were several things I would have done differently. Most of this revolved around the DHS agent watching everything. That’s all he does- is watch. He doesn’t really add anything to the plot and I felt as if he could have been removed altogether and I would have seen the same movie. It’s a shame too because a couple of times he is shown as having information about the house and its previous occupants. But he never reveals it and is instead just a guy watching other people Skype.

Other than that, though, I thought this was a fun little horror movie. Check it out when you can.



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