Scarydad Rant

I need a hug.

My Nightmare Before Christmas project is giving me pains tonight. Literal pains in which my hand hurts from pinching it in a folding saw horse. But the pinching is not the problem. Crappy plywood is the problem.

Plywood is not cheap. Or rather, it’s not inexpensive. The last couple sheets I got, despite costing the same as it ever does, are damn cheap. It’s brittle and knotty and has a tendency to split or crack for no good reason. So, basically I’ve been working my tail off the past two evenings with the result of having a bunch of useless wood scraps and a half-ass looking Jack with no arm, hand, bow tie, or coattails.

I’m going to have to get a whole ‘nother piece of plywood and start over tomorrow afternoon. Which sucks because I had hoped to be done with that phase by now.

This is why I always suggest you start early on your projects. You never know when the hand you’ve been working on for an hour will decide to split off and shatter on the ground for no apparent reason.

Live and learn.

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