Episode 42: Our Favorite Zombie Movies

With the recent passing of George Romero, there’s a lot of zombie chatter going on. We decided to add to it. Listen to us discuss some classics, some potential classics, and Weekend at Bernies 2.

Episode 41: Vampires Part 2

Join us today as we finish the discussion we began last week. Moving on from Cryptids, we look at vampires in folklore and pop culture.

Episode 40.5: Rest in Peace George A Romero

It is with heavy hearts that we come together to pay tribute to the man who made so many of the movies and shows that we love. Join us as we talk about the life and work of George A Romero.

Episode 40: Vampires Part 1

Join us today as Scott and I continue our discussion of mysterious creatures known as cryptids. Vamires are the stuff of pop culture legend, but did you know there are numerous so-called vampire species? From giant mosquitoes to blood-sucking cats, vampires are everywhere, and nary a sparkle among them.

Episode 39: Cults




Join us today for episode 39 of the Scarydad Podcast. Scott and I discuss some of the more murderous of the murderous death cults. Pretty dark stuff here. Be warned…

Episode 38: Horror Bucket List

Summer is upon us and your friendly Scarydad is dreaming of getting away. In this episode Scott and I discuss so of our dream desitnations. What’s on your horror bucket list?

Episode 37.5 Scarydad’s Haunted Halloween Show

Episode 37: All in the Family

Most of the time it’s a lone killer with worms in his brain. Other times, a spouse or a sibling that wants to join in the fun. Occasionally, the whole gang just says “f#$k it” and goes on a rampage. Today we discuss those for whom killing is a family affair.

Episode 36: Lake Monsters and the Women who Love Them*

*Not Really

Join us today as we discuss that most elusive of prey, the seemingly ubiquitous Lake Monster. From Scotland to Canada, all through North and South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and back to Scotland, there are countless reports of sightings of large eel-like creatures in lakes, going back centuries. And all they want is $3.50.

But, of course, they can’t possibly exist, right?

Episode 35: The Totally Unneccessarily Scary 80’s

Those things up there are the Wheelers. They are the things that replaced the Flying Monkeys for pure terror in Walt Disney’s late-eighties sequel to The Wizard of Oz. Since Wizard is one of the most beloved movies of all time, it only makse sense to populate your made-for-young-children sequel with some of the most terrifying creatures of all time, as well as a witch that keeps a hall full of living heads that she switches as fashion accessories.

Join us today as we talk about, no, not horror movies. We’re talking about the movies that were made for children with every intention of selling lots and lots of toys. They had tie-ins with fast food giveaways, plush toys, books, and breakfast cereals. And some of them were scary as hell.