Ep 33.5 Chris Cornell and Roger Moore

Lots of bad news lately

Episode 33: A Show About Nothing

Hello all you happy people. After a few shows in which Scott and I discussed some serious and dark material, we decided to just cut loose and discuss several unrelated topics. Kick back and have a laugh.

Episode 32: Some really evil women

Join us today as we discuss some of the more evil women in history. Known as the ‘fairer sex,’ women are generally regarded as less violent and sadistic than their male counterparts. Scott and I blow the doors of that theory today in an episode that was quite shocking to us as to the level of pure evil some of these women went to. Buckle up.

Comicpalooza 2017

Whoah! Has it already been four days since Comicpalooza happened? Well that’s too long!!!

Join mostly Hott Scott today as he tells us about all the fun he had at one of the largest pop culture conventions in the good old USA. Among countless Harley’s and Deadpools, Scotty managed to find some wonderfully horrifying talent.

First, he was joined by the clowns from Creepy Hollow, a local haunted house that is open year round for all kinds of reasons, none of which aren’t horrifying.

Next, he met Kevin Glover from Fractured Scary Tales. Pulp horror comics at their finest, as well as horror comics for kids!

And finally, we meet Cindy Salvus of Cindy Salvus Artistry who had perhaps the most appreciated cosplay of the entire weeked.

Episode 31.5: What’s your favorite scary movie, Sydney?

Today we are joined by Chris and Randy from Dudes and Beer and Amy from the Yes But Why? Podcast as well as my lovely Bride. We all got together over some beers and occult rituals and hit the record button. Be sure to check out their shows after you’re done listening to this one.

Episode 31: Being a candid discussion of a few early works by the great Stephen King

Summertime and the livin’s easy…

It’s summer reading time. What better way to kick off a season of pools, beaches, and fun in the sun, then to read all about haunted hotels, mad dogs, and killer clowns?

Episode 30.5: Texas Frightmare Weekend

Join us today as I tell Scotty all about all the fun I had at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

Episode 30: Freaky Memes, Slenderman, Blair Witch, and Viral Fear

Join us today as we discuss how fear spreads faster and easier than ever before. The Slenderman is a thing created by a known person, on a known date, for a known reason, yet he has become something of peculiar urban legend, with real life sightings, followers, and even attempted murder done on his behalf. Did the monster simply will itself to be created so that it could exist? Are you familiar with the concept of the “meme” as it relates to culture? Did you know that there’s something eerily similar in the ways memes replicate, grow, evolve, and survive to those of living creatures?  We discuss all this and more in this, our thirtieth episode.

Episode 29.5: What was the movie or show that scared you the most?

I FOUND THE SHOW ON YOUTUBE!!! fast forward to 32:14 for Catnip!!!