Another Crazy N’awlins Story

Somehow much less evil than last time and I still got pretty creeped out.

Hello there Minions. As promised, I will share my recent experience in the wonderfully haunted city of New Orleans. This time something occurred that is scarier than any time before it and is so bizarre I’m still creeped out about it days later. So, first I will tell you a story and I promise you it is entirely true and in no way embellished. Then I will share with you pictures and descriptions of this awesome and awful place.

It was broad daylight; not even noon yet as far as I know. Bride of Scarydad and I were wandering around the French Quarter looking in shops and killing time until our friends got into town. At some point we needed to use the restrooms and they happened to be inside the courtyard of an open and active museum. I tell you this so you don’t imagine that we were in a dark alley or anything. Nope. It was broad daylight in a fully public place…

So, Bride went to the left and I went to the right into the men’s room. Before I could unzip (and luckily so) a woman came into the men’s room and stood a couple inches away and just stared at me. At first I thought it was an employee or someone who was coming to clean the restroom and that she just wasn’t all that polite. Then I noticed that her chin was gashed and that blood was flowing down her neck and into her shirt.

I stepped back and asked if she was OK. She gave me the weirdest look and said, “Oh, I am just fine…”

I then realized that this chick was crazy as a bag of cats and that I might actually be in danger. I gripped my umbrella a little higher on the spokes in case I needed to use it as a weapon and I told her to back off. She moved away and I left the restroom and she followed me out. For a few seconds she stood a few feet away from me and just stared at me with a weird look. Then she started for the ladies room.

All of this had transpired over the course of only a few seconds so Bride was still in there. I was just about to go in when the crazy lady came out of there, gave me a strange smile and then left the courtyard. I called into the ladies room and told Bride to stop whatever she was doing and get the hell out of there.

We got back onto the street and I explained what was going on. We wandered around for a while and when I was finally comfortable that she had gone for good and had finally stopped carrying my umbrella as a short sword, she came around the corner, gave me another strange look, then disappeared into a crowd of people.

New Orleans, man.


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