John Schneider’s Andersen Bench

Your friendly neighborhood Scarydad was invited to prescreen and review the upcoming movie from filmmaker John Schneider.

Yes, that John Schneider. He makes horror films now. But that’s not all. He owns the studio, writes the scripts, and directs the films. And he’s about to release one that’s pretty damn good.

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Wednesday Weirdness

I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast and the revamped posting schedule. Don’t forget to stop by Scarydad’s Haunted Market and acquire some of the coolest things money can buy. And don’t forget to tune in every Monday for the Scarydad Podcast! Continue reading

Item of the Week

Hello everyone. It’s now time for the item of the week. As always, each item featured here is either owned by, or has been used by, one of the Scarydads. This Dewalt Jigsaw is the same one I’ve used to make just about all of my Halloween decorations. It’s also one of my first tools, aquired nearly ten years ago when we moved into the original Castle Scarydad. In addition to many, many holiday projects, I’ve done a lot of home repair using this trusty gadget. In fact, I just now realized how long I’ve had this thing and how it still works as well as the day I got it. Wow.

If that isn’t enough to get you to click the link and buy one, I don’t know what will.


Item of the Week

Hello everyone and welcome to the newest feature: Item of the week. Items of the week will be different from things in the Haunted Market in that items featured here will have been either owned or used by one of the members of the Scarydad team and we can say for certain that it is a good purchase.

Today we start with the Wagner HT1000 1200 watt heat gun. Now, to avoid being dishonest in my first sales pitch, I have never owned this particular model, but I have owned a Wagner heat gun before and it was an awesome tool. This model is 1200 watts of pure corpsification and PVC bending fury at your fingertips.

Take your dollar store skulls and bones and wrap them with plastic cling. Add paint, then use the heat gun to melt the plastic wrap. When you’re done the melted plastic and paint will dry to resemble rotted flesh on your skele. Very easy effect for the novice haunter, commonly used effect by professionals as well. (I shouldn’t have to tell you to only do this outside with proper ventilation and not close to explosives or puppies, but I did anyway.)

If your heat gun needs are greater than the entry level model provides, there are always bigger and better options available.