Wednesday Weirdness

Weidness 1-13-16 (1) Hello all that are left of my good and faithful minions! Here is another picture gallery to keep you entertained while I finish a couple of projects. Enjoy! Continue reading

Wednesday Weirdness

Weirdness1-6-15 (16)

Well, I’m back. I think. I don’t know. So many of the posts these days are few and far between and either begin or end with an apology and explanation for why I post so infrequently lately. Kids. It’s ultimately kids. They are little flat-toothed time vampires, no lie. Am I back for good? No telling. Will I post tomorrow or next week? I can’t tell you. But you should stay tuned anyway. Listen for a communication. Listen to the static and try to make out what the voices are trying to say. It’s an interesting hobby. Continue reading

Scarydad Review: Chatter (2015)


Recently I was approached by John over at Weird Review to pre-screen and review an upcoming independent horror movie. Of course I said yes and last night I sat and watched Chatter. Continue reading

Scarydad Review: The Babadook


I’d read a few reviews of this much revered movie and couldn’t wait to see it. Unfortunately, my scary movie time is relegated to sick days home from work these days.

“Daddy, is that a grown-up show?”

Yes, Dear. Yes it is.

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Scarydad Podcast Episode 2.1: Houston Haunter’s Retreat

frank color mail (3

News on a new project!

Scarydad Podcast Episode 2: Summer of the Shark

frank color mail (3

Welcome to Episode 2!

I’m currently doing many, many things. Enjoy this discussion about sharks!


Hawkgirl Costume for Spawn


Little Spawn was down for a couple of days and while she was on the couch the two of us marathoned Justice League on Netflix. She got real into Hawkgirl and asked if I could make her a costume for Halloween. Well, we had Comicon coming up shortly too, so I got to work.

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