Scarydad Review: Chatter (2015)


Recently I was approached by John over at Weird Review to pre-screen and review an upcoming independent horror movie. Of course I said yes and last night I sat and watched Chatter. Continue reading

Scarydad Review: The Babadook


I’d read a few reviews of this much revered movie and couldn’t wait to see it. Unfortunately, my scary movie time is relegated to sick days home from work these days.

“Daddy, is that a grown-up show?”

Yes, Dear. Yes it is.

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Scarydad Podcast Episode 2.1: Houston Haunter’s Retreat

frank color mail (3

News on a new project!

Scarydad Podcast Episode 2: Summer of the Shark

frank color mail (3

Welcome to Episode 2!

I’m currently doing many, many things. Enjoy this discussion about sharks!


Hawkgirl Costume for Spawn


Little Spawn was down for a couple of days and while she was on the couch the two of us marathoned Justice League on Netflix. She got real into Hawkgirl and asked if I could make her a costume for Halloween. Well, we had Comicon coming up shortly too, so I got to work.

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Refurbish old tools

IMG_1294 I found an old bucket full of my grandfather’s and dad’s old tools (except for the large axe head I got at an estate sale for free). They were chipped, rusted and useless until I got a hold of them.  Continue reading



Hey there my good and faithful. I’m back!

I’ve been a bit busy with multiple projects of late so this one is a throwback. I made a bunch of stuff back around Christmas and thought I’d lost the sd card. Well, I found it so game on. Anyway, this is a wood-burnt Krampus plaque I made for my buddy Chris. Not sure who Krampus is? I say you should Google him an be amazed. This was part of a challenge to do the most awesome present you could possibly do for less than $2.

I won.

Scarydad Podcast Episode 1

frank color mail (3Hello and welcome to Episode 1 of the sparkly new Scarydad Podcast!!! Join me today as I talk about all things scary. I’m still working out some things behind the scenes here, so please help me out and tell me if something doesn’t work.

Awesome Minions, I thank you!


A funny thing happened on the way to the keyboard

Seems a couple months went by without me noticing. I don’t know how that happens. Years ago I was listening to Coast to Coast with Art Bell and the guest he had that night explained that the world was like a tape dispenser and that over time the years peel off and leave a smaller roll that then peels off faster and faster till the inevitable end. According to this guest, we were in the really fast part of the peel and heading for oblivion.

I don’t know if that’s true, but everything sue seems faster since Sequel came to live with us. Seems I’m twice as busy, time travels twice as fast, and I get half as much done. Oh well. The half I get done is pretty cool, so I guess I can’t complain.

So what has happened since last we spoke?

Summer hit like a bomb. It’s so hot and sticky and buggy here that I’m pretty much banished from the shop until September. I have taken a renewed interest in my comic book collection and have begun to acquire several old horror comics from the 70’s. That’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve been watching Daredevil on Netflix. I can only marathon an episode or two at a time because small children monopolize the television. but I like it. You should check it out.

Sequel got glasses and she is the cutest little kid ever to do the zombie walk across the living room.


I’ve still been working on that damn book. That’s where I’ve been and that’s what I do. But where here I tend to write rather quickly, over there I write slow as hell. I’ve tried all the techniques to get me over the slow writing syndrome, but I think it’s just how I do it. I’ll muddle through this one and then the second one will go faster and the third faster still, and on and on until I’m the fastest and bestest book writer on the planet. But for now, I’m still doing the slow thing.

Well, that’s it for now. It was nice talking to you.