I’ve always been a reader. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a book or two or more in “currently reading” status with another bunch on Mount To-Be-Read. Since the minions came around, a large part of my reading has moved formats to audio books or podcasts, but nevertheless, I still consume a tremendous amount of story on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, high school English did a really good job of making me hate what could be called “literature.” To this day I have an unrelenting distaste for Dickens. It was also in high school that I actually got into trouble for enjoying Beowulf. I could read and understand the story without listening to the teacher fail to explain the importance of meter and rhyme. This, an ancient story carried through the generations by people who couldn’t read, and I got a verbal reprimand for being able to read it. Go figure Continue reading

The Cure

MI0001369795When I was in the eighth grade I went to a high school talent show. Some kid I knew had an older brother who was performing and a bunch of us went to see them play. The band’s one and only song was a cover of Just Like Heaven. Now, that was a song that had been in heavy rotation on the radio so I was plenty familiar with both the song and the band that played it. But I remember sitting there that night in the school auditorium and being totally blown away. The next day I rode my bike to K-Mart and bought Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me on cassette. Continue reading

Wednesday Weirdness

Weidness 1-13-16 (1) Hello all that are left of my good and faithful minions! Here is another picture gallery to keep you entertained while I finish a couple of projects. Enjoy! Continue reading

Wednesday Weirdness

Weirdness1-6-15 (16)

Well, I’m back. I think. I don’t know. So many of the posts these days are few and far between and either begin or end with an apology and explanation for why I post so infrequently lately. Kids. It’s ultimately kids. They are little flat-toothed time vampires, no lie. Am I back for good? No telling. Will I post tomorrow or next week? I can’t tell you. But you should stay tuned anyway. Listen for a communication. Listen to the static and try to make out what the voices are trying to say. It’s an interesting hobby. Continue reading

Scarydad Review: Chatter (2015)


Recently I was approached by John over at Weird Review to pre-screen and review an upcoming independent horror movie. Of course I said yes and last night I sat and watched Chatter. Continue reading

Scarydad Review: The Babadook


I’d read a few reviews of this much revered movie and couldn’t wait to see it. Unfortunately, my scary movie time is relegated to sick days home from work these days.

“Daddy, is that a grown-up show?”

Yes, Dear. Yes it is.

Continue reading

Scarydad Podcast Episode 2.1: Houston Haunter’s Retreat

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News on a new project!