Episode 19: Evil Animals

Join us today for Episode 19 where we discuss animals in horror. From the creepy crawly spiders in Arachnophobia to the brain-enhanced psycho sharks in Deep Blue Sea, there’s just something about a psychotic animal that scares the beejeesus out of the Scarydads.

Episode 18: My Bloody Valentine

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. But more intersting than that, today is the 13th so it’s time to get your horror fix. Join us today as we discuss some of the most enduring or endearing or endangering couples in horror. From Bride of Frankenstein and her beau to Bride of Chucky and, well, Chucky, we discuss some of the more fun and interesting romances in horror.

John Schneider’s Andersen Bench

Your friendly neighborhood Scarydad was invited to prescreen and review the upcoming movie from filmmaker John Schneider.

Yes, that John Schneider. He makes horror films now. But that’s not all. He owns the studio, writes the scripts, and directs the films. And he’s about to release one that’s pretty damn good.

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Episode 17: Aliens

Join us in this, our 17th episode where we discuss visitors from outer space. Are they real? Are they watching us? Why is it that the only realistic stories about aliens are ones where the visitors are dangerous and scary? Have you ever heard of the lost cosmonauts? Plug in and listen to the Scarydads Scott and Billy discuss all things extra terrestrial.

Episode 16.5: Misfit Toys

Today I am joined by Daniel and Paulina Blackbird, owners of Misfit Toys, a local wonderland of vintage, rare, and wonderful toys from yesterday, today, and possibly tomorrow. Listen as we discuss what’s hot, what’s not, and what some of the holy grails of toy colectors might be. We also might talk a little bit of horror collecting and the possibility that we are living on the wrong side of a dimensional shift. No kidding.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show and when you are done, check out the Misfits at the following links:

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Episode 16: Swamp Thing

Join us today as Scott ‘Swamp Thang’ Fontenot and Scarydad Himself discuss that muck-encrusted mockery of humanity, the Swamp Thing. From his simple origins as a comic sketch to his multiple comic series, movies, television shows, and toys– we talk about it all.