Episode 23.7: Rest in Peace Bernie Wrightson

One day back in September of last year I went over to some dude’s house to look at some comics he had for sale. We shook hands and began to chat about what we collected, favorite characters, artists, stories, et cetera. By the end of the conversation, Scott and I were fast on the way to creating the Scarydad Podcast and the crux of the discussion was how much we both loved and admired the work of Bernie Wrightson. We were both pretty devastated when we heard the news that Bernie had lost his battle with cancer. Our sincere condolences to his wife Liz and all his friends and family. In today’s episode we try to pay tribute to one of our heroes.

Item of the Week: Justice League Dark

Hey there Minions, I know I promised you an item of the week but life has been quite hectic and even I have not been shopping very much. However, I’m ready to change that.

Up for consideration today is the newest DC Animated movie Justice League Dark. You’re familiar with the Justice League but the only character you recognize is Batman, so what’s with the Dark? Justice League Dark is a separate team of magic and supernaturally-powered heroes including the magicians Zatanna and John Constantine, ghost Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, and elemental Swamp Thing, among others. They battle particularly nasty things and it’s a lot of fun to watch. 

Episode 23.5: Jack the Ripper

Greetings and salutations fine chaps! We may have mentioned him briefly in episode 23, but we wanted to give Jack his due. Therefore this short meta episode is dedicated to The Ripper.

Episode 23: Lots and Lots of Serial Killers!!!

We’ve discussed Jason, Freddy, and Michael. Tonight we talk about Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer. What is it that causes a man, or a woman, sometimes both, to kill people and hide them under the house? What is this insanity made of? When do they find the time? Scott and I discuss all that and more on tonight’s episode of the Scarydad Podcast.

Episode 22.5 Comic Book Collecting in the 21st Century

Scott buys and sells collectible stuff for a living. I collect stuff with no intention of ever parting with it. How does “value” play into these totally different dynamics? We discuss it in today’s episode all about collecting.

Wednesday Weirdness

Hey my Minions, sorry I’m late. Something must have happened with the scheduler and Daylight Savings. Luckily, I caught it in time.

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Epiode 22: Scream Queens

Join us today as your friendly neighborhood Scarydads discuss that essential element in our favorite scary movies, the damsel in distress, the heroine, the victim, the beloved Scream Queen.

Episode 21.5: The Jeepers Creepers 3 Boycott

Join Scott and I as we discuss the ongoing controversey over director Victor Salva and the (somewhat arbitrary) outrage over the fact that he continues to make movies despite being a convicted pedophile. Yes, this episode gets into some unusually dark territory, even for us, so tread lightly.