Scarydad visits Houston Comic Con


Hello there everyone! This past weekend I got to go to Houston Comic Con and it was a blast! Lots of great costumes, great events, and happy people everywhere.

I snapped a few photos for you to enjoy. Have fun!
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Robin Williams

mork_and_mindy_018I was three years old in 1978 and scenes from Mork and Mindy are among some of my earliest memories. I remember watching the show with my parents, then I would ┬árun around the house and salute and say, “Na-Nu! Na-Nu!” all the time. I’m pretty sure I tried to sit on my head once or twice. It’s one of those pop culture things that I don’t think about very often, but I remember it fondly.

Unfortunately, tonight these fond memories abound not because of a nostalgia session, but because Robin Williams has died and his face is all over the news and the net. Although nothing has been confirmed, it seems as if he committed suicide by hanging himself. The world is shocked and saddened and, well, we should be. He was a great talent and he left us with decades of brilliant performances. And we all wish there could be just one more.

I’m not going to go too long on this one. It’s a sad day.